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Exciting News Sticker Shock Campaign Reveal in June! We're thrilled to announce that our dedicated middle school action team has been hard at work on an impactful initiative called the Sticker Sho.png

Special Shoutout:


A huge shoutout to Larken D., Dedham Middle School Class of 2024, for designing our fantastic stickers! Your creativity and dedication to the Sticker Shock Campaign have truly made a difference. Thank you, Larken, for your outstanding contribution to promoting a safer and healthier community.

Sticker Shock Campaign: Protecting Our Youth from Alcohol Misuse

What is the "Sticker Shock" Campaign?


The “Sticker Shock” campaign aims to raise awareness and promote responsible alcohol practices within our community. This initiative is particularly crucial as we address the issue of underage drinking. According to the 2016 Dedham Parent Survey, only 11% of parents secure or lock up their alcohol. By involving local businesses and engaging the community, P.A.C.T. hopes to reduce underage access to alcohol and encourage parents to take preventive measures.

Join Us!

Be on the lookout for DOSA in the parade and learn more about our efforts to combat youth substance misuse. Let’s come together to support a safe and healthy environment for our children.

Watch Our PSA

We are proud to present a powerful Public Service Announcement (PSA) created by the Dedham Middle School Action Team. This video highlights the potential consequences of failing to secure and monitor alcohol in your home. Click below to watch and share with your community.



Watch Our PSA

The Problem: Easy Access to Alcohol at Home.

According to national statistics, the most common source of alcohol for those aged 12-14 is taking it from their own or someone else’s home (21%) (SAMHSA, 2008). Shockingly, two out of three teens aged 13-18 say it is easy to get alcohol from their homes without their parents' knowledge. The place that should be the safest often becomes the most accessible source of alcohol for our youth.

Understanding the Dangers of Underage Drinking


Underage drinking poses significant risks, including impaired judgment, increased risk of addiction, and potential legal consequences. Educating our youth about these dangers is a vital step in prevention.

Underage Drinking Laws in Massachusetts -Possession of Alcohol:

  • A fine of up to $50 for a first offense, and up to $150 for subsequent offenses.

  • Driver's License Suspension: A 90-day suspension for minors found in possession of alcohol.

  • Purchasing Alcohol: A $300 fine and a 180-day driver's license suspension.

  • Using False Identification: A $200 fine and up to 3 months in jail for using someone else’s ID to purchase alcohol.

  • Massachusetts Social Host Laws:

    • Adults who provide alcohol to minors can face severe legal repercussions. It's important to be aware of these laws to protect our youth and our community.

Get Involved


The Dedham Organization for Substance Awareness is promoting this campaign here in Dedham.

We invite parents, guardians, and community members to join us in this crucial initiative. Here's how you can help:


  • Secure Your Alcohol: Ensure that all alcoholic beverages are locked away and out of reach.

  • Monitor Consumption: Keep track of the amount of alcohol in your home and note any discrepancies.

  • Talk to Your Kids: Have open and honest conversations about the dangers of underage drinking and the importance of responsible behavior.

Dedham Parents Lock It Up and Monitor Alcohol in Your Home (2).png

Look Out for Our Info Cards!

As part of the Sticker Shock Campaign, our dedicated team has placed informative cards around the community. These cards are designed to raise awareness about the importance of securing and monitoring alcohol in your home to prevent underage drin

How You Can Help:


Distribute Cards:


  • Pick up extra cards from our participating locations and share them with friends, family, and neighbors.


  • Talk to others about the importance of monitoring alcohol at home and the impact it can have on reducing underage drinking.


Together, we can make a significant difference in our community by spreading awareness and taking action. Keep an eye out for our info cards and be part of the change!

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