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We are the Dedham Organization for Substance Awareness (DOSA).

In 2018, the Coalition received the Drug Free Communities Grant, allowing us to strengthen community collaboration and engagement to prevent and reduce substance use among youth.


We are a community coalition that gathers people together to promote awareness and healthy decision making about drugs and alcohol. Our overarching goal is to equip youth in Dedham with the knowledge and tools they need to make informed decisions regarding drugs and alcohol.


We strive to provide alternative, enjoyable activities that promote awareness and encourage healthy decision-making. By building on the positive aspects of our community and addressing the existing gaps, we aim to create a supportive environment where youth can thrive and make choices that prioritize their well-being.

"We believe that all members of the community need to be a part of this to create valuable change in Dedham."

Jessica Tracy, Assistant Director of the Workforce Division of the Office of Local and Regional Health

Our Mission

The Mission of DOSA is to promote well-being while reducing and preventing youth and adult substance use.

We recognize that addiction is a disease and that recovery is possible. 

Our Mission

Our Vision

Our Vision: Each Dedham resident will have the skills, information, resources and support to make healthy decisions around drugs and alcohol. Those struggling with addiction and substance use will have access to treatment and recovery resources, and will be supported without stigma and without judgment.

We Need Your Support Today!

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